Lyall Coburn

Looking at South African filmmaker and photographer Lyall Coburn’s work is the same strange mix of home comfort and sense of being watched as digging through old VHS tapes in a haunted family attic. His photographs are like listening to Elvis Presley’s 'Blue Hawaii' more than half a century later, when Elvis’ voice is still bubbly-sweet surf, yet a cultish undertone ripples throughout. Coburn is a visitor in an abandoned motel, a nostalgic time-traveler stuck in a 1970’s road trip, and in his films, a fly on the walls of the beautiful and disturbed.

His short film 'Murmur' is currently broadcasting on Sky Arte HD Italia, and screening at Au Palais de Tokyo in Paris as a part of the Souvenirs From Earth film collection.

Lyall's experience working as Creative Director on global brands like Louis Vuitton, adidas, Tommy Hilfiger & Nike proves to be an invaluable asset on productions, especially when working collaboratively with agency creatives.

Contrary to popular belief, he is not a teenage girl.